Urban Bloom is a Community Organization based in Leeds in the United Kingdom.

The main aim of the Group is to turn as many privately and publicly owned plots of disused land into community growing spaces. We want to make this possible by working with local people, businesses, land owners, government bodies and other community or local groups.


  • To identify and approach private landowners with the aim of securing a lease on behalf of the local communities.

  • To carry out detailed and thorough consultations with all local people, businesses, land owners and other community or council groups within one miles radius of each growing space.

  • To work with groups mentioned above to design gardens that are inclusive of all users regardless of race, gender, ability or social status.

  • To carry out and publish a survey and map of all potential growing spaces in the city of Leeds that are owned by private landlords willing to consider letting the community lease the spaces via Urban Bloom.

  • To act as a negotiators and facilitators to enable communities to share ideas and techniques of growing their own food locally.


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